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Purdue Research Park-based Firm Licenses Product to Produce Biofuel to Chinese, Danish Firms

An American company has signed a three-way partnership license agreement with firms in China and Denmark that allows them to use a patented yeast product to produce cellulosic ethanol in their pilot and production facilities.

Officials from the Purdue Research Park-based company Green Tech America Inc. signed an agreement to permit China’s COFCO Corp. and Denmark’s Novozymes A/S to use the yeast developed by Purdue researchers, led by Nancy W. Y. Ho, to produce cellulosic ethanol in their plants in China. The public signing of the agreement took place Wednesday (May 26) at the China-U.S. Advanced Biofuel Forum in Beijing.

“This is Green Tech America’s first international licensing agreement,” said Ho, the company’s founder and president. “COFCO and Novozymes have proven records in developing the processes for the production of cellulosic ethanol, and we are very glad to partner with them in providing our yeast for their production of cellulosic ethanol.”

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