About Us

Green Tech America, Inc. (GTA) is a leader in research and development of advanced yeast and industrial enzymes. Our vision is to produce clean biofuels and green chemicals from renewable resources (wood, grasses, waste), while creating jobs and advancing economic growth in the United States of America.

In 2006, Dr. Nancy Ho founded GTA to further pioneer the use of recombinant DNA techniques to create microorganisms that efficiently produce ethanol from cellulosic biomass. She invented the world’s first genetically engineered cellulosic ethanol-producing Saccharomyces yeast. In 2007, Dr. Ho was recognized by President George W. Bush for her exemplary scientific innovations and contributions to the advancement of Renewable Energy Sources at the U.S. Presidential State of the Union Address.

Green Tech America was inspired by Dr. Nancy Ho’s childhood desire to contribute something greater to society provided the opportunity. We continue to utilize our novel biotechnology engineering to improve the conversion of feedstocks across a wide variety of applications including the utilization of corn, sugar cane and cellulosic materials to produce ethanol thus reducing the USA’s dependency on foreign oil.