About Us

GTA’s Mission:

  • To accelerate the profitable production of corn, cellulosic ethanol from renewable resources.
  • To help expand the US corn ethanol plants to co-produce cellulosic ethanol with corn ethanol.
  • To develop new yeast-based processes for cost-effective production of bio-chemicals and industrial enzymes.
  • Support the use of cellulosic feedstocks in ethanol, as hedge against drought and rising food prices.
  • Reduce US dependency on foreign oil, while enabling a healthier environment for future generations

GTA’s Strategic Goals:

To create the world’s most environmentally friendly and efficient method for profitably converting corn, sugarcane and/or cellulosic biomass into ethanol, chemicals and enzymes.

  • Increases overall operating income margins
  • Reduces capital investments for manufacturing facilities
  • Decreases variable production costs, time and complexity
  • Lowers business risks via capability to utilize multiple feedstocks (corn, sugarcane or cellulosic)